Non-Domestic EPC

From as little as £149.99

Domestic EPC

From as little as £49.99


From as little as £59.99

  •   Reliable service
  •   Qualified registered and Accredited Energy Assessor
  •   Fast turnaround
  •   Discounts available for bulk EPCs

* This price is only applicable for the standard size (under 100 m2 ) of the property.

What is EPC assessment?

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) measures the energy efficiency of a property on a scale of A-G. … The Certificate includes recommendations on ways to improve the home’s energy efficiency to save you money and help the environment.

Do I need an EPC?

It is a legal requirement to have a valid EPC in order to market your property for sale or rent which applies to both residential and commercial properties. It is now also a requirement to have a valid EPC if your property already has existing tenants in place. If you are looking to remortgage a property then the majority of lenders will request you have an EPC carried out on the property.

Why EPC?

If you do not have an Energy Certificate, or if your Energy Certificate has expired, you can be faced with a hefty fine. If you are asked to present the Energy Certificate by an inspector and you fail to do so, you will receive a penalty charge notice and defined action. The approximate fine for a home is £500, and for other types of properties, it could go as high as £5000.

How an EPC assessment is carried out?

An energy survey is performed by a qualified energy assessor who visits the property and examines key items within the premises such as loft insulation, domestic boiler, hot water tank, radiators, windows for double glazing, etc.

Once this information is obtained it is then placed into a Government approved software programme which carries out and calculates the level of energy efficiency and CO2 emissions and advises us on the best measures in improving the energy performance of a property with an estimated cost and savings.